Closing in my mind


H – 23 cm, D- 23 cm, L – 32 cm.


This title largely determines the disclosure of a secret connotation. Alas, no. Rather, using the form which is composed of two opposing squares, between which there is a conditional spiral, I wanted to portray the closed energy of what is happening both in me and around me. The square, the most positive form in equilibrium, which fits all shapes, in contrast to itself, in mutual opposition against one another, creates obstacles and inability to “open” the inner essence. In this way, I expressed my suppressed inner spirit, closed between positivism of forms. I completed the suggestion with a colour which depending on the light can make it warm, or in another case gloomy and depressing. The very composition has its own movement around itself, it turns around and is always balanced with new plastic signs, reflections and allusions.

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