Flower of love I


Flower of love I – mold melted glass, H – 42 cm.


I created for two years the cycle “Flowers of Love” I, II, III, IV, influenced by “The Flowers of Evil” by Charles Baudelaire. The main themes of sex and death were considered scandalous, so at the time the book was treated as a byword for indecorum.
“Flowers of Love” I, II, III, IV were created with respect and reference to the known sample, filled with other content and meaning.
In each of these forms one flower is implied and can be read – each form is also a female torso. They are colorful and express different states and character. They look like a kind of still life, as a vase with flowers, limited on their pedestals. By them I would like to achieve emotional impact by means of the color, the structure of the material and the plastic variety.
They are realized in a vertical composition and could be presented separately. But I prefer their joint exposure, not only according the history of their creation, but because of their mutual and consistent logic of the various characters provoked by the image.

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