Oximoron – mold melted glass, optical glass – H – 40 cm.

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An oxymoron is a stylistic figure of speech that juxtaposes words opposite in meaning making one sense or how a stylistic “error” in the combination of words with opposite meaning creates a new meaning, a new image and sign /life in death, darkened by the sun/. The use of oxymoron is typical of Symbolism and it gains greater application in journalistic speech, free speech and language.
I use this approach of mutual confrontation, within the form /a combination of two extremely different as plasticity and perception techniques/, the colours and the shapes. This flexible approach conditionally opposes but it is in harmonic and compositional integrity. So, it seems to me that I express the contradictions of the surrounding world, the apparent disharmony and freedom of expression and means.
This composition was first presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas in 2004. It gave the name of my next exhibition “Magic Reality” /also an oxymoron form/ and is indeed the name of the aesthetic style of Latin American art in which magical elements overlap a realistic atmosphere.
The composition “Oxymoron” is of two figures that can have free existence, but their compositional integrity lies in their mutual opposition. This also applies to the distinct elements in each of the forms. The lower part of the composition is made of opaque molded glass, symbolizing the earthly reality. In an ascending line the composition passes into the mass of the optic glass through its perfection /symbolizing the spiritual and the exalted/ where reciprocal color and spatial relationships appear enriching the form and creating a sense in the light of brief internal transformations.

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