Tango – mold melted glass, optical glass – H – 40 cm.


“TANGO” is a composition of two forms, symbolically expressing tango dancing – the dance of passionate love. The composition is based on the principle of the oxymoron. Dancers are together, but at the same time in opposition to one another, and to themselves, too. The same principle the oxymoron is applied to the glass itself through the use of two different techniques. The lower part of the composition expresses the earthly passionate nature /by means of the technology of pate de verre/. The upper part of the composition reflects the spiritual, through a rationally pure form it merges to the abstract /the glass there is optic and polished/. The forms themselves may have multiple compositional relationships. It brings forth the feeling of a continuous interaction /by reflections and reflexes/ inside between themselves as well as outside, as objects moving with their own form freely in space.

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